Franklyn Momoh, Sierra Leone

Posted on July 09 2021

Franklyn Momoh, Sierra Leone

Unity Brothers stands for mutual UNITY and we dream of being beneficial to the entire world. Our philosophy starts with the makers of our apparel, and we genuinely want to connect you with them. We are delighted to introduce Franklyn Momoh: a stylist, a philanthropist, a talented creative designer and above all -  a special human being with a mission.

Franklyn Momoh was born in 1995 in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He belongs to a loving and caring family, although their background is quite complicated. His youth was everything but easy and Franklyn grew up in poverty. He managed to find a way to follow his true passion - creating and designing clothes.

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Currently he is studying Social Science and Law at the Fourahbay College University of Sierra Leone. Next to his study he dedicated to creating beautiful apparel. From a young age he knew he wanted to become a fashion designer. People around Franklyn will describe him as humble, positive and creative. Franklyn loves to create bags, hats, t-shirts and pants. His designs radiate love and it unites you not only with him, but with the entire universe.

Franklyn is driven to help his community and started his own charity one year ago, Sierra Leone For Life. Every month they collect donations and the support is of unbelievable value for the community. We are so grateful to help Franklyn pursue his dreams. Last month (June) we worked together on a huge project: providing meals to schools and shelters. The meals were all prepared by volunteers and they travelled across the community to hand out all the meals. 

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A message from Franklyn : ‘I am blessed and grateful to make designs for Unity Brothers, we will show the world what we create all together and always help your fellow humans thrive :) :) .’

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