Alami Haruna, Ghana

Posted on October 28 2019

Alami Haruna, Ghana

We want to deepen the bond between you and the humans in Africa that contribute a significant part to our business activities and projects. Therefore, in the Humans of Africa series, we introduce you to some of our tailors, as well as representable people related to the projects we are setting up together with you. Today, in our first edition of this series of blogs, we highlight one of our tailors: Alami Haruna, an ambitious designer from Ghana.

Alami is a 26 year-old strong and independent woman born with a dream: become the world's greatest fashion designer. After a tough childhood and many setbacks she followed her passion and started her own fashion atelier in Madina - Accra (Ghana). With the help of Stichting Kwame, Alami’s business evolved and improved over the years. Stichting Kwame guided and learned her what was necessary to make her business successful. Today, Alami takes care of her entire community and is designing beautiful apparel for you on behalf of us - all in her own atelier: Almiscouture.

Tropical Africa - festival outfitsTropical Africa - festival outfits

It is Tropical Africa’s purpose to make this world a better place. This is why we work with local tailors. We are born with the deep-rooted belief that giving back is the right thing to do, also to the local tailors we work with. As such, we make agreements with our local tailors to pay them a fair hourly wage for every item they design for us. By doing this, we help them pursue their dreams, entrepreneurial ambitions and make sure they can take care of their families. 

Partly thanks to the collaboration with Tropical Africa, Alami can make a living out of what she loves doing the most: designing unique apparel. Next to that, our partnership makes it possible for her to give something back to people in the position where she used to be in. Alami started her business based on this very ambition: to take care of all her ‘brothers and sisters’, mostly children that used to live on the street. As so, Alami teaches other members of her atelier the necessary skills so that her atelier can grow gradually, like her sister! 

Tropical Africa - African fashion handmade

Her love for fashion, creativity and passion comes to light in the designs she make for Tropical Africa. The fabrics are measured, hand-cut and sewed in a unique composition of colors and patterns. 

A message from Alami: I am very happy to be working with Tropical Africa and cannot wait to see you happy in my designs! Keep smiling :)

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