Humans of Tropical Africa: I

Posted on May 30 2019

Humans of Tropical Africa: I

Dear friends,

You reached our second blog! Lately, we have been visiting the first festivals of this season and were amazed by the people we saw wearing our festival clothes! In this blog, we introduce you to three humans we encountered on those festivals. We asked them who they are and what they think is special about Tropical Africa.   

Mylthon Poulino

Mylthon is 31 years old and lives in Arnhem. Besides partying, he has a big passion for sneakers which he shares with the world on his instagram-page. When we met him on DGTL, we were instantly hooked by his passion and catchy laugh. And if that wasn’t all, he immediately bought The Sukuta, wore it, and spend the rest of the festival day with us showing the other festival-goers what Tropical Africa stands for. We are glad we captured this special moment!

Tropical Africa: festival trend 2019


I think Tropical Africa is great. The clothes are cheerful, make me happy, and I get a lot of positive reactions on my outfit during festivals, which is always fun to hear. Besides, I appreciate the fact that they support local projects in Africa with the proceeds of the sale: I closely follow their activities. The combination of partying and contributing in a positive way is very special to me.”  

We are inspired by Mylthon’s laugh, appearance, and kindness.

Kenneth Kroes

We met Kenneth during DGTL wearing the Moroni. Kenneth is working in the hardstyle scene, being one of the two dj’s of the Audiotricz duo. His life credo is clear and strong: If you can dream it, you can do it. In achieving your dreams, there is nothing to fear, because you cannot fail! You can only learn, grow, and become better than you’ve ever been before.”

Tropical Africa: festival outfits for men


One month later, we met him again on Soenda (picture), where we enjoyed the festival together, him wearing the Malabo with pride and a smile. This is how we love to see it! We were impressed by Kenneth’s mindset, smile and kindness, and asked him what he thinks makes our brand special.

“Tropical Africa is a precursor to today's trend, the founders dare to live their dreams. Also, their vision of making this world a better place by helping people in Africa realize their dreams really appeals to me. I am glad I can be part of this and I proudly wear the unique items from Tropical Africa.”

And we are proud that people like Kenneth wears our festival clothing!

Arne Nieman

Arne is a 23 year-old student living in Amersfoort. He loves to visit techno-parties now and then. At Soenda, we ran into him and his friends, ending up having a good time with each other. Our festival outfits fascinated him so much, that he bought a festival shirt right away at that very moment! Arne cannot wait to wear his new piece, but luckily he has planned to visit much more festivals in the summer. He became a true member of our community, and will help us spreading the message of Tropical Africa with his enthusiasm and positivity. We are glad we got to know Arne!

We haven’t a picture of Arne yet. But we will meet him soon on a festival. Instagram: @arnenieman


Interested to be on this topic of us? If we run into each other on a festival, we would love it if you tell us who you are. We pick some random friends for this blog topic so please understand that we cannot name everybody we meet in this series of blogs.

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