Humans of TA - XIII

Posted on October 25 2020

Humans of TA - XIII

We are back with humans of TA where we tell YOUR stories. Each blog we introduce three members of our community. In today's episode we had a beautiful conversation with Bart, David and Ruud. We love a good conversation. Last summer we had these conversations weekly at festivals. We feel like it’s been forever since we had these personal talks. Happily we have a lot of interaction on Social Media :) Keep sharing your pictures! 

Bart Konig

HELLO from Bart Konig, he is 26 and is working fulltime as a personal and bootcamp trainer in Nijmegen. He was born in Kabwe, Zambia. When he was a little child, he was adopted by a family in The Netherlands. He grew up in The Netherlands, but he always had a strong connection with his homeland and Africa. Bart had the privilege to return a few times to Zambia to teach, and to help build a pre-school and community hall. He also did a six months internship in South Africa where he gave sport lessons at schools and where he had been teaching life skills to children in underprivileged areas. Most African countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have a rich history, friendly people, amazing food, great music and not to forget: a colorful clothing taste. 

“Speaking of clothing: Last spring 2020 I met Tropical Africa and I was immediately hooked by the philosophy of the brand. Not only the clothes are absolutely beautiful, but it also reminded me of the true beauty the continent has to offer. I’m especially a fan because they are committed to help the local communities, and they focus on what I think is most important in life: education. I can say from experience that this is really valuable and can absolutely make a life changing difference in their lives. 

TA bucket hat

Tropical Africa has a unique style that differentiate itself from all the traditional clothing brands. I was fortunate enough to work together with Tropical Africa for a new shoot and can’t wait for the next collaboration. 

Tropical Africa is much more than the clothing.”

 Thanks Bart, it is beautiful that you embrace our philosophy. We also can’t wait for the next cooperation. 


Again, someone from another country in Europe. It was a pleasure to meet David; a friendly, polite and open-minded young man from Dresden (Germany). He played soccer for many years in his youth until he joined the German navy. In the navy he had many adventures from the baltic sea to the mediterranean sea. He never forgets the sunsets or sunrise at a calm sea. 

After his time as a sailor he started studying ‘industrial engineering’ (now he is working as a quality engineer). During his studies he made some long distance travels and since then he travels to new countries whenever it is possible. Some of the unique places are Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Turkey, Egypt and UAE. In Europe he has been almost everywhere. He loves tropical regions and his hobby is to photograph landscapes; you can see his work on his instagram profile (@david_van_gootzen). But the architecture attracts him again and again. He was deeply inspired by the unique modern and historical buildings in the UAE. Oriental countries with a lot of history and culture are his favorite.

TA African fashion

“I love to wear exotic fashion styles like Tropical Africa. I am very impressed by the slogan and the message of the label. Let’s do something for a better world.”

Ruud Gossens

Ruud is probably a familiar person for you. Community members are closely involved with our brand, but Ruud is a special one for us; we got full support from Ruud from day one. Joining every week a festival, helping with ideas or connecting our community, everything is possible.

Ruud himself works in sales at Matrix Fitness and helps people to become the best version of himself or herself with his platform Mindgains. His true passion is sports and the positive impact it has on life and mindset. He used to live in New-Zealand, loves a typical hipster brunch, a sunny house and techno party and to discover new places abroad with his favorite destination San Francisco! 

TA - let's change the world

 “I believe in TA. The philosophy is so powerful, and I’m sure the brand will reach a lot more people. I don’t buy many clothes usually, but 50% of my closet is filled with the items of Tropical Africa. Opening my closet brings a smile on my face.”

Thanks for reading amazing friends!

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