Humans of Tropical Africa: II

Posted on June 24 2019

African fashion men 2019

Dear friends,

Our third blog is a fact! Since we received so many compliments on our last blog, in which we presented three humans wearing our festival outfits, we thought we should just write another one. In this blog, we introduce you to three other humans and their unique stories! Again, we asked them who they are and what they think is special about Tropical Africa.

Kai Bertelsmann

Kai, who was born and raised in Amsterdam and currently lives in Almere, is a unique Dutch DJ. He discovered his passion for djing when he worked at a local bar, and as of today, he is a true professional who is able to make his crowd enjoy several types of music genres. As DJ Kai, he plays fresh and dynamic House and Urban, while as Mister NiceKai he brings over guilty pleasure songs, Disco-classics, and 90’s/00’s hits. No matter which alias of Kai is playing, you’re guaranteed to experience an amazing vibe during his gigs!

Festival outfit

Meeting Kai, we enjoy his smile, enthusiasm, and passion for what he does, which are recognizable on the above picture during his gig at New Grounds Festival. That day, he was wearing The Luanda and The Dakar. He believes wearing the Tropical Africa clothes reinforces his qualities: “I feel totally at ease wearing the festival outfits, knowing I look authentic. The many complements I receive on my looks are a nice bonus!

Wesley Heling

Wesley is a true sneaker and fashion addict, sharing this great passion on his social media pages with authentic content. Besides, he enjoys being a volunteer at a foundation that has the ambition to make sport activities accessible anytime for disabled people (Fonds Gehandicaptensport). And if that isn’t enough, Wesley is a helpful person who has great skills in recruitment, marketing, and communication. As so, he already shared some brilliant ideas with us. We were even more happy to see his smile when unpacking The Malabo and The Moroni (photo)! Wesley is a kind-hearted person who inspires us.

Festival t-shirt

When we asked him what he feels is special about Tropical Africa, he answered: “I really like and believe in the concept of supporting local projects in Africa. It is important that everyone sees and feels how significant impact can be created with relatively limited financial resources. Tropical Africa is an excellent example of how a fashion brand can be both sustainable and socially responsible. I look forward to the future of this amazing brand and their upcoming festival outfits. And by the way -the prints are beautiful!”

Marc Budz

Marc is a 30 year-old guy living in Frankfurt, Germany. Besides visiting festivals, he likes motorcycling, hanging out with good friends and savor good food - all of this making his life complete. Marc is the first international human who became part of the Tropical Africa family. Every year, he visits a festival in the Netherlands, this year being it Amsterdam Open Air. For Marc, it was a unique experience which he will cherish forever. He gives anyone considering visiting a festival in Germany the following tip: go to either Time Warp Festival or Sea You Festival (or both ;))!

Festival t-shirt men

When I first heard of Tropical Africa via some friends I knew it was special. The energy, friendliness and service of Tropical Africa is impressive. It is such a great project. I’m telling everybody in Germany about it. The festival clothes, designs, and festival accessories – everything is high quality, sustainable and for a good cause. All the best for Tropical Africa,  and I love The Bakau (picture)!”


Interested to be on this topic of us? If we run into each other on a festival, we would love it if you tell us who you are. We pick some random friends for this blog topic so please understand that we cannot name everybody we meet in this series of blogs. 

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