Humans of Tropical Africa: IV

Posted on August 22 2019

Humans of Tropical Africa: IV

Dear friends, 

In this episode we want you to meet three unique characters from Tropical Africa. Since our festival outfits drew the attention of many women lately -which is something we are proud of!- we thought it is fair to introduce two women this time, next to our friend we met on By the Creek festival, Jamal Bizjan.

Amber van Druenen 

The first woman in our series of Humans of Tropical Africa is Amber van Druenen. Amber is 27 years old, and was born and raised in Brabant (of which she is very proud). She is currently working as a  district manager. Her main job is to supervise +/- 50 employees with a disadvantage to the labour market in the cleaning sector.

She is also a member of the city council in Berlicum, a city in the province of Brabant. Furthermore, she is born with a passion for sports. As so, during her younger years, she played volleyball at top division level. And nowadays, Amber can be found in the gym regularly.

Festival outfit

In the weekend she brings out another side of her -the one that loves a good party or festival. This is exactly how we met Amber, at Solar Festival in Roermond. She was dancing in The Koloni, and we must admit: she looked stunning. 

We asked Amber about her experience with Tropical Africa: “In addition to the fun, cheerful appearance of the clothing, the message and the passion behind it makes the brand so special in my eyes. I’m proud to wear Tropical Africa”!

Jamal Bizjan 

Yes, his name is Jamal Bizjan. As a 22 year-old guy, he is combining his study in Tilburg with his job as a lead bartender at 073 Chocktailbar in Den Bosch, where he not only juggles liquor bottles and slings drinks, but also makes sure the bar operation runs efficiently.

Preparing for parties and festivals, he is always looking for a unique and playful garment to complete his outfit. The first time he came in contact with Tropical Africa was at By the Creek festival in Vianen and the connection was real. He fell in love with the unique items of Tropical Africa right away and finally found a platform where he is able to shop his festival outfits. We captured this moment at Thuishaven, where Jamal looks radiant in The Luanda. We met Jamal again at STRAF_WERK, him wearing the Porto-Novo, and had a blast together. Meeting Jamal was a confirmation for us that our brand connects people, that may result in true friendships as is the striking case with Jamal. 

African fashionAfrican t-shirt

His view on Tropical Africa: “Besides the unique outfits of Tropical Africa, I admire and support startups who have corporate social responsibility as one of their core principles, like Tropical Africa. In a time where we are exposed with all the bad on our mobile devices and in the media, is it nice to see that a young company like Tropical Africa deeply cares for the environment and human beings. Keep on doing what you guys are doing!” 

Mari Carmen Portier

Meet our second women in this episode: Mari Carmen, a 25 year-old lady that lives in Nijmegen. She is half Spanish, a quarter Indonesian and a quarter Danish. Cooking and visiting festivals where she can dance all day long are one of her favorite pastimes. She recently finished her studies Commercial Economics - International Event, Music and Entertainment Studies. 

Mari Carmen is always standing out of the crowd and dressed in a unique way. Like in this moment, in The Sukuta, with a beautiful smile on her face! She joined the Tropical Africa crew during STRAF_WERK festival where she shared the positive vibes and sustainable message of our brand - we are honored she is part of our community.  

African dashiki

Mari Carmen Portier feels the following way about Tropical Africa: “What I love about Tropical Africa is the complete concept. The first time I saw the festival outfits I thought: WAUW, what a lovely colors, what a happiness! I mean, how can you get no energy from it?!

I have been inspired by the story behind the outfits. For me it is more than just a brand, because it takes care of the welfare of others. Besides, Tropical Africa represents an aura of positivity - I love this, it is an inspiration for everyone.

My outfit gives me a happy feeling in multiples ways - I feel unique, I’m shining and I can contribute to make this world a better place. I was really impressed by the first project and cannot wait for the next ones!” 


Interested to be on this topic of us? If we run into each other on a festival, we would love it if you tell us who you are. We pick some random friends for this blog topic so please understand that we cannot name everybody we meet in this series of blogs.

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