Humans of Tropical Africa: V

Posted on September 06 2019

Humans of Tropical Africa: V

Dear Family,

Recently we visited many mind-blowing festivals like STRAF_WERK, Oosterliefde, Loveland and Mystic Garden, where we spent time with so many beautiful souls. You truly stand out in a festival crowd. In this episode we have something special to tell you again, because we met Nanda with her daughter Sam on a festival - HOW AMAZING! Together with Mike Wooly and Sil Michels they complete the fifth episode of Humans of Tropical Africa.

Nanda en Sam

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Nanda and Sam. Nanda is the proud mother of her daughter Sam. We met them together at Mystic Garden Festival. It was beautiful to see how a mother and daughter enjoyed a festival together (see the picture). It was the first time, but definitely not the last time they partied together! Nanda is also the proud mother of her two sons: Jip and Sil.

 Festival outfit
(@nanda.dijkstra) (@sam.heins)

It’s been such an inspiration meeting Nanda - she knows how to live life, she is collecting special moments with humans who are close to her while always living in the present. The best part is that she is enjoying every second of it - she embraces the Tropical Africa message: ‘Positivity is a Choice’. She is a creative human being who loves painting, nice food, preparing delicious meals with her close friends while enjoying a glass of fine wine. Together with some nice sounds of relaxing music, this is all she needs in life. “Let’s drink to life”, is her message🥂💃🏻🌊

Sam (Nanda’s daughter) is currently busy with her studies, and is hoping to finish it after this year, which in turn allows her to be more creative with doing the layout and design of houses and other areas. 

Besides school, her real passion is dancing since she was young. Sam loves party’s, festivals, drinks and snacks. She is spending every free moment she has with friends to have a good time. We are inspired by Sam’s laugh, appearance, and kindness. She has a certain flare for life - in our view, a perfect match with our brand! 

“I got really excited when I met the Tropical Africa crew at Mystic Garden festival. The story of Tropical Africa is incredible and I admire their ideas and the way they support local projects - I’m proud to wear The Bissau, to be part of the Tropical Africa family and to help humans who need it. Me and my mother really enjoyed the enthusiasm, love and positive vibes of the brand!” 

Sil Michels

Sil is a young and vibrant entrepreneur who likes to attend a festival once in a while. He feeds off the excitement of different music styles and likes meeting new people who enrich his life.

Travelling is one of his passions and he is convinced that this is beneficial for his personal growth. With The Cairo in his luggage, he went to a unique festival in Croatia - Modem Festival - which he recommends to all the party people who want to visit a festival abroad next year. Sil is a positive human being, loves colors, and after an inspiring conversation he shared a quote from Steve Jobs with us: People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are ones who do!

We truly embrace this philosophy and we would like to thank him for the reminder! You are a remarkable human being, let’s change the world together. 

Festival outfit mannen

Sil about his purchase: “For me, it is important to give back to those who are less fortunate. With my purchase, I can contribute to make this world a better place by wearing colorful and happy clothes - this is a WIN-WIN situation.”

Mike Wooly

“Magic will start to manifest itself once you go at it alone”. The life credo of Mike - born in Brazil and living in Utrecht. Mike has a love for partying, dancing, art and meditation and can be described as a human who vibrates with a high frequency, which means he experiences greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy. We spend a day with Mike at Mystic Garden and experienced his vibe in real life. His vibe is contagious for the humans around him and he inspired us with his enthusiasm, energy and pretty smile (see picture :)). 

Festival outfit - Tropical Africa

In everyday’s life he is great at working with computers and recently started with casting for videos and photos. We wish you well with your modeling career, which is taking of - we are watchin’ you friend.

Tropical Africa - festival outfits

Mike fully supports the principles and concept of Tropical Africa. “I must say, I am deeply impressed by the apparel of Tropical Africa, in particular The Brazzavile. I have a penchant for clothing, assecoires, crossfit and travelling - I have travelled all over the world and always got inspired by clothing of different cultures. Tropical Africa has a special story and the way they invite us on their journey is truly impressive. I feel part of the family.“


Interested to be on this topic of us? If we run into each other on a festival, we would love it if you tell us who you are. We pick some random friends for this blog topic so please understand that we cannot name everybody we meet in this series of blogs. 

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