Humans of Tropical Africa: VI

Posted on October 02 2019

Humans of Tropical Africa: VI

Dear believers,

It is such a great pleasure meeting you personally and we hear some beautiful stories passing by about you when meeting each other. We connect, and we are grateful and proud for this, because this is a key element of our purpose. Just like contribution to a better world. In our view, this is the essence of who we are and what we are really about, AND what we will continue to do together. In this episode we present to you Lammert, Marciano and Iris -enjoy!

Lammert Lettinga

“It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than now!” These are the words Lammert conveniently borrowed from the legendary band Rage Against The Machine at the age of 14 and adopted as a life motto ever since. Lammert is a 32 year-old music- & festival-enthusiast, who traded his commercial marketeer desk job to become a Dutch teacher at a very multi-cultural school in the Eastern part of Amsterdam. He’s also a part-time DJ and co-Founder of Springtij Events. Together with his best friend he’s been throwing insane boat parties for the last 3 years and is now planning his second Springtij - On Shore; a club night at an old car wash station in our nation's capital (on the 22nd of November). Mark the date!  

Festival outfit - tropical fashion

“I met Tropical Africa at STRAF_WERK Festival, through an incredibly talented photographer. She covered our last event and was now helping Tropical Africa out with some cool shots (see the picture) of their stand and the awesome humans around it. A small world indeed! I loved everything about the concept. The bright colours and clothing obviously catch your eye at first, but when you listen to the passionate stories about the projects they support, you can see you’re getting into much more than just a cool festival outfit. I switched jobs recently and became a teacher, because I wanted to do something meaningful. I wanted to make a difference. And these guys are making a positive difference every day; that’s why I’m proud to rock The Lusaka. Bonus: it looks pretty awesome as well!”

Marciano de Zeeuw

Marciano is a 25 year-old accountant in training. His favorite hobbies are playing football and travelling. His favorite place to visit in the world is Indonesia, because this takes him back to where he came from. And of his beauty of course. 

When travelling, he prefers to visit places where tourists never step foot. Recently, he explored his roots (Indonesia) and spend time with his family and the local community. Look at this magnificent place in Bali - wearing The Serekunda. Feel free to contact him for travel tips in Indonesia, he’d be happy to help :) 

African fashion, festival stijl

“What I really love about Tropical Africa is that by buying an outfit I can make a difference. Contribution matters to me - whenever I’m in Indonesia I always bring old clothes and attributes to give away to humans who really need it. Besides, the prints are so lovely. 

The projects they have set up so far are impressive. It is special they invite us on their journey and I get to see the results of the projects on their website and social media. It feels even better to wear my outfit when I see that!”

Iris Eigenhuis

Also part of the Tropical Africa family is Iris Eigenhuis. We welcome you to her creative world, she is manager at the clothing store in Amersfoort, stylist, make up artist and recently owner of her own brand: Trusted The Label. We are deeply impressed. 

Iris is always on the loop of new clothing brands and fashion trends - this is one of the reasons Tropical Africa got her interest. We danced and laughed with her at Into the Woods - a magical festival in the middle of the woods located in her hometown: Amersfoort. We can conclude that Into the Woods was our favorite festival this season, make sure to secure tickets for this fairy tale next year - trust us! 

She combined the Mbini with a bib overall (tuinbroek). It shows how many endless possibilities there are to combine our apparel with your current clothes. 

Festival outfit - Tropical Africa

 “I love the prints of Tropical Africa, and the fact I can help humans with my purchase is quite unique - I have never seen a concept like this before. When I saw the latest project of Tropical Africa (the construction of five classrooms in Ghana) I felt even more in love with my outfit. I highly recommend this brand!”


Interested to be on this topic of us? If we run into each other on a festival or somewhere else, we would love it if you tell us who you are. Or simply send us a message. Please understand that we cannot name everybody we meet in this series of blogs.

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