Humans of Tropical Africa: VII

Posted on December 03 2019

Humans of Tropical Africa: VII

Dear believers, 

We want to highlight a quote from Khoa Nguyen. Khoa told us: ‘the more you love who you are, the less you seek validation and approval’. And the more we get to know you all - the more we realize we have this in common. We don’t seek validation and approval. We express ourselves the way we are. And it is truly amazing you feel this way in our apparel. Khoa is accompanied by Romano and Siggy in this episode. 

Khoa Nguyen

Khoa is a 27 year old ambitious and talented young man and we were deeply inspired by his quote. He also inspires humans with his keyboard skills, which he plays as a hobby. Khoa himself is inspired by his hero: Gary Vaynerchuk. Besides making music, he loves to exercise and hang out with his friends.

Below you can see our friend Khoa in a sold out Jufureh which was part of Drop I. A friendly reminder - this sold out item will not be restocked. 

Tropical Africa - let's change the world together

I met Tropical Africa at the beginning of this year and shined  in several outfits at several festivals. First of all, I’m behind the purpose 100%, by which they strive for a better world. It is amazing that with every purchase I support projects in Ghana what is beneficial for the local community in the sense of employment and the construction of new classrooms. 

Next to their vision, I admire the assortment of Tropical Africa - it emphasizes the African roots, where the production starts. Besides, the assortment is colorful, unique and very suitable to combine with my other apparel. Tropical Africa is an asset for the society - I see a bright future for this company and I will follow them closely!”

Romano Huizer

Romano lives in Vlaardingen and has travelled across the whole country during the year, visiting the most various festivals in the Netherlands. Choosing his favorite festival was a nonstarter, because every festival has its own charm. However, in his top three he includes 18HRS, Welcome to the future and DGTL. We totally agree with him - DGTL was the first festival Tropical Africa attended last season and we will definitely visit it again next season.

Romano was one the persons who managed to get The Libreville and our compliments for him: the combination with a complete black outfit is fantastic.  

Tropical Africa - Let's change the world together

“I really like the idea that I don’t have to look anymore for my festival outfits. Celebrating life and simultaneously adding value to this world is an amazing feeling. I embrace the vision of Tropical Africa and not unimportant - the designs are remarkable. This hoodie also shows that the apparel of Tropical Africa is not only suitable for festivals. TA is even more than a brand!”

Sigourney Lilian Henning

Sigourney is all about discovery through movement. The way of interconnection, sharing vibes, flow and freedom. This aura reflects her work as dancer and teacher. She lives in Amsterdam and describes herself as a people person with an open mind who is always ready for what is coming. 

Every single day she is trying to be a better human being. Though the connection with Tropical Africa she feels she can support the universe. This gives her a great sense of gratitude and happiness.

Sigourney attended the festival Into the Woods and all of a sudden she saw a person with a bucket hat of Tropical Africa in the distance. At first glance she was fan of the brand with much love and adoration. And on top of that - she immediately connected with the person wearing the hat by his superfine vibe and energy. Two weeks later we arranged a shoot with these special humans. We really do become family with you! 

Tropical Africa - let's change the world together

We are impressed by her personality and after asking her opinion about Tropical Africa, she inspires us even more: “I’m all about connection, and Tropical Africa ensures that this is happening. Tropical Africa is a beautiful center where each person of the family has an important role to play. By their story and the creations of the local tailors, I can support them and contribute to the local projects they participate in. I’m impressed by the projects so far and are so excited for what is coming. Tropical Africa takes care of a special circle, this circle becomes round with connection at the heart. ALL OF THIS WITH LOVE AND A PURPOSE! 💃🏽💜”
Interested to be part of our ‘Humans of Tropical Africa’ page? If you happen to see us at a festival or anywhere else, please do not hesitate to come and say hi, we would love to meet you and know who you are.

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