Humans of Tropical Africa : X

Posted on April 25 2020

Humans of Tropical Africa : X

Dear friends, 

We have reached the tenth episode of humans of Tropical Africa. Getting to know you is one of the best experiences in having this brand. Your approach to life is similar which makes you all a true inspiration to us and to the world. Keep sending this positivity into the world, especially in these times. In episode ten, we introduce you three new friends - Edo Clasen, Wiebine Hos and Koen Zoetekouw.

Edo Clasen

First of all, Edo Clasen. He is 20 years old and currently enjoying a gap year in which he is enjoying life with friends and family. Last summer he visited a bunch of parties and this is also how we met. He was planning to hit a festival this summer on a weekly base, but that became almost impossible due to the COVID-19 situation.

There is again a funny connection between Edo and our community, since he is friends with two friends (Stijn and Koen) which we highlighted in a previous episode. We met Edo at STRAF_WERK and this is the place where he danced all day in tropical vibes. He still can’t believe how many people complimented him on his outfit that day. The picture below gives you a small idea. Meeting him again at Into the Woods was magical, and he told us that he will never forget this festival.

Tropical Africa - let's change the world together

“I’m totally into the concept of Tropical Africa. The Tropical Africa team is amazing and the fact that I have roots with the continent where the apparel is made makes the brand even more special to me. The support to the project in Ghana is very special and I’m happy that I’m part of this beautiful brand.

Wiebine Hos

Wiebine is a beloved member of the Tropical Africa tribe. She is 25 years old and lives in Amsterdam. Like most of you, she loves to travel and to explore and undertake a lot of activities while she is traveling. In everyday life, she works at the Johan Cruijff Arena, making sure all football games, concerts and other events go off without a hitch. In her free time, she likes to spend a lot of time on terraces, benefitting from the sun on her face while enjoying a glass of wine with great company around her. She takes joy out of the little things in life and loves to visit a small festival every now and then. 

Well, this pictures paints more than a thousand words.

African fashion, tropical Africa

“I have come across Tropical Africa by a friend of mine and from the start, I fell completely in love with the brand. The beautiful patterns, cheery colors and variety of clothes really appeals to me. And you can wear it anywhere, from a meeting at the office, to the beach at Aruba, to a festival in my hometown. My first item was The Moroni and now my closet is full of Tropical Africa, I love it. 

And the most beautiful part of the brand is how the items are made and where they are made for. I wear my outfits with proud and try to tell to story behind it as much as possible to others.”

Koen Zoetekouw

It was a pleasure to meet the 21-year-old Koen: a lovely guy with a tremendous passion for fitness and visiting festivals, and enjoying a lot of his time with his roommates in Enschede. This is also the place where he is busy with his studies. He has been to Barcelona for an exchange semester where he had the time of his life. We are happy to be seen more and more outside The Netherlands; the picture below is taken in Barcelona! 

We are always curious how our friends met us, and when it comes to Koen, he met us through instagram, stumbling upon a picture of us at STRAF_WERK festival. He was already looking for a while for a stunning outfit, and after getting to know the story behind our brand and specific apparels, he wanted nothing else. As you can see below, The Luanda is his favorite outfit now!

African t-shirt

Koen’s feelings towards Tropical Africa: “The outfits are beautiful and the impact we are making with it is very special. I feel connected to the brand and it is unique in the clothing industry. I keep supporting TA!!”


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