Humans of Tropical Africa : XI

Posted on June 04 2020

Humans of Tropical Africa : XI

Hi there, 

Today we are excited to share the stories of Roy, Thomas and Nick with you. The first comes from a country where we have not been seen yet - Australia. It is no secret that we want to become a worldwide fashion brand making impact all around the world, so expanding our community to Australia is a massive honor.

Roy Bout

Roy lives and works in Sydney and enjoys going to concerts and festivals. Although there are not as many festivals in Sydney as there are in Europe, there are still many parties to go to. In particular, Roy enjoys boat parties. The Sydney Harbour offers stunning views, and what is better than to dance on a boat, watching the skyline while the sun sets and you are surrounded by likeminded party people!?

African fashion- African shop

Roy’s thoughts about Tropical Africa: “My very first encounter with Tropical Africa was a Christmas present from my girlfriend’s brother, Khoa Nguyen. I don’t think he knew, but blue is my favourite color and I just loved the shirt. What was great too is that so many people randomly gave me compliments on my looks. Whether I was in a supermarket or buying beers at the bottle shop, “great shirt mate” I heard many times. I really like that the shirt stands out and the fabric feels very comfortable, even during hot summer days in Australia.”

Thomas Nijenhuis

Thomas, colloquially and especially in summertime better known as Ticket. A pleasure to meet this ‘Achterhoekse Nijmegenaar’ who knows how to celebrate a party and life. He made his summer job out of this combination where he is working in Spain. His plan was to rock his Tropical Africa piece at the Spanish Costa and to be the best looking man there. He is also very content to contribute to the projects in Ghana with his purchase of The Moroni, see below!

African fashion - africa shop

“Tropical Africa is beautiful initiative and it is amazing to share this experience with revelers. It makes me happy, my surroundings and the humans in Africa. It’s a win-win-win.” 

Nick Schevers

 Our third friend of today is Nick Schevers. He recently bought The Moroni and this outfit looks really good on him. During his life, he travelled around the world for his job in trading. He always collects items of his travel destination. Surprisingly, he has not been to Africa so he finally got an item from this continent and it might be his next travel destination. Besides travelling, he loves a party, have a good time with his friends and family and have a laugh. It is so nice that we share the same interests.

TA - changing the world

 “I love the presentation of my item, so original and the quality is beyond my expectations. I wear The Moroni during online meetings, at parties and birthdays. TA is doing something different in a great way. I love this brand.”

Thanks for reading and see you in the next episode! Stay safe.  

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