Humans of TA - XII

Posted on June 28 2020

Humans of TA - XII

Hi everybody,

In humans of Tropical Africa we are highlighting you, our customers. Customers who become our friends. Friends, who share our vision, our mindset, our values. Friends, who are proud to wear our apparel. Together we are doing our bit to make this world a better place. Together we are amazing! We are delighted to introduce Joep, Nick and Nick today.

Joep Hugel

Joep is 20 years old and is living in Sittard. Sittard is located in the South of The Netherlands. He is in the middle of his study commercial economics in the same city where he lives. In his free time he loves to play soccer, play music and have a good time with his friends. He is also learning a new language of the country he fell in love with - Portugal. He lived 6 months in Lisboa and ever since then, he is totally into the city and the culture.

TA - African shop

“I love the brand Tropical Africa. The apparel is unique and creates a positive impact on the people around me. There are always a lot of people who ask me where I get my outfits from. I always tell people the story behind the brand - where it is made and that 15% will contribute to the projects in Ghana - people are ecstatic after hearing this. I’m very happy to wear this amazing brand and to be part of such an inspiring community.”


His name is Nick and he is 29 years old. We absolutely love his mindset; he made the decision to live life to the extreme and is enjoying every single moment of it. There are few festivals and parties where Nick is not present. Thuishaven is organizing a terrace party this summer and the first edition he was there, wearing The Lusaka. He has gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback on his outfit. The terrace of Thuishaven is definitely worth a visit.

There is also a link with the origin of the clothes. Partly due to his work in shipping he has been a lot in Nigeria and Ghana. Places like Takoradi and Accra are not unfamiliar to him. 

African shop

“The supports to the projects in Ghana is a great initiative. Besides, I want to wear a unique outfit when I am visiting a festival. You make this happen. I am happy that I found this brand.”👌🏻 ☺️

Nick Funcke

The second Nick of today’s blog deserves a special introduction. He was one of the first community members of our brand and is closely involved since then. He is giving us valuable tips, purchased multiple outfits and danced together with us on festivals. With the new drop, he was again one of the first to get his new outfit.

About Nick ; he loves sports. He is already playing hockey for his whole life, he is watching a lot of NBA and he is a huge Ajax supporter. As a person Nick is energetic, social and extrovert. He likes to have people around, meet new people, do things spontaneous, to not think about the consequences and just GO. His why is ‘pride’. 

For Nick it is important to do good things for the world and the people around him. He is vegetarian, he minimize his plastic use and he offers people with a flat tire a ride. His connection with Tropical Africa aligns here perfectly. 

Nick Funcke, member of the tribe 

“I really like wearing the clothes of Tropical Africa. The products are unique and the company is transparent. I get to know the makers, the people behind it, where the apparel is made and who benefits from it. A practical benefit of the apparel is the fit. It is slightly oversized and this is perfect on a warm festival day. It keeps me ‘cool’ while dancing. 

I love to wear unique outfits and this is exactly what happens with Tropical Africa. I'm not buying outfits that are made on a large scale. There are only 50 items available and that is really important for me. The reactions on my latest purchase ‘The Porto-Novo’ are overwhelming.”

THANK YOU boys for this amazing episode! 

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