Posted on February 01 2021



Hello Family,

we have something important to share with you. Last year didn’t really turn out to be as we expected. However, we were still able to drop a new summer collection and found new creative ways to connect with you. Despite adversity, our purpose keeps us going ; the strong desire to contribute and bless the lives of others.

Our clothing is a way to embody our message. The message is the most important part, we are not necessarily trying to sell the clothing. We are trying to inspire and connect you with the philosophy of our brand. We are evolving and always looking for new ways to deliver our philosophy better to you. Together with you, we decided that a new brand name is the next step in this beautiful process. Tropical Africa, known as TA, will be forever part of our company, but today a new era is born. 

Today, it is the start of UNITY BROTHERS

Our new brand name is better aligned with our vision: we stand for mutual UNITY and our ultimate goal is to UNITE humans, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. Especially now, it is more important than ever to come together and focus on the things that UNITE us rather than divide us. We want to make a difference.  We combined our vision with a special personal touch : two BROTHERS are working on this brand behind the scenes. Besides, we focus on building a community where every member becomes a fellow-brother.

Unity Brothers


Creators and projects 

Our hearts are set to create a world where for every human basic needs, education, freedom and happiness are accessible. To us it is super important to give back; not only to our creators and projects, but also to you. So we want a better connection between you and the maker. We will work with smaller collections and every drop we launch new items from different local tailors. Spoiler alert: our next line will be a corporation with a fashion designer in Sierra Leone. We will write more blogs about them and tell their stories, next to your monthly stories. 


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