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Posted on April 04 2019


Dear friends!

Congratulations and welcome to our first blog! We want keep you updated on how we, together with you, make an impact in this world. We love to make this journey with you and connect you during this adventure. 

Therefore, our blogs will be related to the following topics:


We highly believes in the power of human beings. In this series, we highlight and connect YOU - the humans who wear our apparel. Next to our clothing line, we are a community. A tribe, with which we celebrate and embrace life!  


Love is within you,
you have an important role to play,
you are special.
No matter what anyone believes of you,
you have to believe in yourself,
and anything is possible.

If you happen to see us at a festival or anywhere else, please do not hesitate to come and say hi, we would love to meet you and know who you are.


We want you to meet the humans who produce our apparel. Our local tailors, as well as representable people related to the projects we are setting up together with you. Not just their names, but their stories as well. They cannot wait to tell you who they are, what their purpose is in life, and how Tropical Africa helps them achieve their dreams!


The projects we set up and participate in. Here, we will keep you posted with updates on our projects in Africa that contribute to basic needs, education and entrepreneurship, and personal development of the people. 
We are keen to share these stories with you and be ready to read amazing blogs!

Tropical regards!


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