Project IV

Posted on May 12 2020

Project IV


Providing meals to humans who are struggling day in and day out with hunger. 

What is it

Your purchases helped us provide 520 meals for children throughout the year (2020) !!! It really is incredible you achieved this so far with us, Stichting Kwame and our suppliers.

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What happened?

 Because of the global pandemic, there is a risk of famine in Africa and there is a strong need for food and water. We believe that basic needs should be accessible for every single person in this world and decided to make a priority of this. Your purchases will help us provide meals. At first, we will provide meals in Ghana to children, adults and elderly who are struggling day in and day out with hunger. 

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// 19-07-2021 // Sierra Leone, Freetown //

Our tailor in Sierra Leone, Franklyn Momoh, is driven to help his community and started his own charity one year ago, Sierra Leone For Life. Every month they collect donations and the support is of unbelievable value for the community. 

We worked together on a huge project: providing meals to schools and shelters. The meals were all prepared by volunteers and they travelled across the community to hand out all the meals.

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Your impact

Let’s change the world together. As always, you will be with us every step we take. To be continued ...

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