Project II

Posted on October 16 2019

Project II


The construction of five classrooms at a primary and junior high school in Ago Meda (Ghana), the God is Good Academy.


Since 2015, our partner Stichting Kwame supports a primary and junior high school in Ago Meda: the God is Good Academy, where children between three and ten years old enjoy education. Stichting Kwame has carried out some amazing improvements over the years - they provided the school with two classrooms and activities like sports days are organized on a yearly basis.

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The God is Good Academy has increased from 20 to 285 children over the years. Despite this enormous growth, only one additional classroom was built. The 285 children do attend school, but in overcrowded, unhealthy and still poorly equipped classrooms. Stichting Kwame and we knew something had to change: more classrooms are extremely necessary to guarantee all the children can enjoy education the right way and in healthy conditions. And to guarantee the school is capable of enlargement in the future.

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The construction is in process.  

We are funding the entire construction - from digging to the establishment of the roofs. And all the variables are taken into account: fundament, amount of stones, cement, wood, spikes, labour, planning, supply etc.

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The construction stopped for a while due to the lockdown but we are back in action. The complete foundation of the school is finished and at the moment a solid flooring is placed. The end is near and we hope to welcome a lot of new kids to the school in August.

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Next steps:
- Windows
- Doors
- Equipment of the classrooms (project III)
- Equalize the outside area 


Thank you for stepping up to make a difference. We are even more driven to serve and make a meaningful contribution to this world and we hope you as well.

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