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Project III

Posted on October 31 2019

Project III


The equipment of five classrooms at a primary and junior high school in Ago Meda (Ghana), the God is Good Academy.


Our primary focus is education, because we believe that proper education is the only way to enhance the quality of human life. In our first year we made a significant impact : we participated in the construction of five classrooms in Ago Meda (Ghana).


The extra classrooms resulted in an enormous growth of the primary and junior high school :) Unfortunately, there weren’t enough school banks and materials for the new children. Most children had no other option than to sit on the ground.


With your purchases of the last months we could help, you are the reason more school banks are placed and more children can enjoy education the right way now.

// 01 - 12 - 2020 //

Unity Brothers - impact

// 06 - 04 - 2021 //

Impact - unite

Unity BrothersUnite, Unity brothersUnity Brothers, unite

To be continued .... thanks for your support, this is incredible 


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