UNITE : 15% for projects in Ghana


 What impact have we achieved together so far?
How do you contribute with your purchase?

We support local tailors

We are collaborating with local teams of tailors in Ghana, Gambia, Guinea and South-Africa. As such, we make agreements with our local tailors to pay them a fair hourly wage for every item they design for us. This means your purchase also supports the maker. This allows the tailors to affords a basic standard of living.

These agreements also offer them a platform to pursue their dreams, entrepreneurial ambitions and ensure their kids are able to attend school.

15% for local projects

15% of your purchase supports local projects we set up and participate in. With every drop we announce a project, to make sure you are aware which projects you support with your purchase. 

The projects are focusing on education in underdeveloped regions in Ghana. Occasionally, we set up a projects focusing on basic needs like food, water or shelter. We set up these projects together Stichting Kwame, a nonprofit organization realizing changes in Ghana. Read more about Stichting Kwame on their website